Site investigations inform proposals for HyBont Green Hydrogen Project

To inform the proposals for a green hydrogen production and refuelling facility at Brynmenyn Industrial Estate and the associated Bryncethin Solar PV array, Marubeni commissioned a series of site investigations to better understand the geotechnical character and properties of the ground beneath the electrolyser site, including investigating historical coal mining features.

The site investigation work, which took place between December 2022 and February 2023, comprised a field reconnaissance visit, trial pits (of 1m to 4.5m), rotary drillholes (to 30m below surface level), soakaway infiltration testing, measurement of in-situ California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values, resistivity probe testing, geotechnical/geo-environmental laboratory testing as well as ground gas and groundwater level monitoring.

The results from the exploratory works and analysis of samples from the site found the ground conditions to be suitable for the proposed development.

George Dodd Senior Vice-President at Marubeni Europower, said:

“These investigations provided valuable information about the site, including potential hazards, risks and environmental impacts, helping ensure the plant can be constructed safely, efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

“The site investigations also help the project teams plan for and mitigate potential issues. By prioritising health, safety and the environment, the results of the site investigation work help ensure a successful and sustainable project that supports the local environment as well as workers constructing and operating the facility, and the community.”

Details of the site investigation work and how they helped inform the final proposals for HyBont Green Hydrogen Project can be found in the planning application – please click here.

Image caption: Site investigation work at Bryncethin ©2023 Marubeni Europower