Proposed Site Layout

Layout (PDF 428 KB)

Pre-Application Consultation (PAC)

The PAC on the proposals took place in November/ December 2022, with local residents, businesses and stakeholders able to submit comments until 6 January 2023. The draft planning application plans and documents are available below:

Draft site wide plan

Draft: Spatial Context Aerial Image (PDF 5MB)

Draft Bryncethin plans

Draft: Solar PV Location Plan (PDF 378KB)
Draft: Solar PV Proposed Layout (PDF 1.7MB)
Draft: Solar PV Drainage Layout (PDF 746KB)
Draft: Solar PV Landscape Strategy Concept Plan (PDF 4.6MB)

Draft Brynmenyn plans

Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Location Plan (PDF 3.3MB)
Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Proposed Layout (PDF 695KB)
Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Landscape Strategy Concept Plan (PDF 4.3MB)
Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Sections (PDF 288KB)
Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Drainage Layout (PDF 622KB)
Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Earthworks (PDF 701KB)
Draft: Hydrogen Pipeline Location Plan (PDF 680KB)
Draft: Hydrogen Pipeline Routing (PDF 1.9MB)
Draft: Hydrogen Storage Elevations (PDF 220KB)
Draft: Admin Building Elevation (PDF 205KB)
Draft: Substation Layout (PDF 145KB)
Draft: Substation Sections & Penetrations 1 (PDF 497KB)
Draft: Substation Sections & Penetrations 2 (PDF 285KB)
Draft: Electrolyser Elevations (PDF 603KB)
Draft: Energy Flow Schematic (PDF 173KB)
Draft: Process Flow Diagrams (PDF 1.8MB)
Draft: Cable Routing Layout (PDF 701KB)
Draft: Cable Routing Sections (PDF 365KB)

Draft private wire plans

Draft: Private Wire Option 1 Location Plan (PDF 628KB)
Draft: Private Wire Option 2 Location Plan (PDF 610KB)
Draft: Private Wire Route Option 1 (PDF 318KB)
Draft: Private Wire Route Option 2 (PDF 315KB)
Draft: Complete Utility Map with Option 1 (PDF 470KB)
Draft: Pole Detail (PDF 117KB)

Draft planning documents

Draft: Draft Planning Application Form (PDF 266KB)
Draft: Planning Design & Access Statement (PDF 4.5MB)

Draft ecology document

Draft: Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PDF 2.8MB)

Draft landscape document

Draft: Preliminary Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (PDF 7.7MB)

Draft transport documents

Draft: Transport Statement Part 1 (PDF 3.3MB)
Draft: Transport Statement Part 2 & Construction Traffic Management Plans (PDF 3.6MB)

Draft flood risk/drainage documents

Draft: Flood Consequences Assessment (PDF 7.7MB)
Draft: Drainage Strategy Report (PDF 15.8MB)

Draft noise document

Draft: Noise Survey Note on Progress (PDF 487KB)

Draft air quality document

Draft: Air Quality Assessment (PDF 1.2MB)

Draft utilities document

Draft: Utilities & Emissions Summary (PDF 261KB)

Draft geotechnics documents

Draft: Bryncethin Phase 1 Geo Environmental Study (PDF 38.4MB)
Draft: Brynmenyn Phase 1 Geo Environmental Study (PDF 35.9MB)
Draft: Coal Mining Risk Assessment (PDF 4.2MB)

Draft climate change document

Draft: Climate Change Statement (PDF 673KB)

Draft construction documents

Draft: Construction Environmental Management Plan (PDF 7.9MB)
Draft: Hydrogen Production Facility Earthworks Strategy (PDF 1.8MB)

PAC public information event material

Consultation invitation

Consultation Invitation (English) (PDF 1.5MB)

Consultation leaflet

Consultation Leaflet (English) (PDF 6MB)
Consultation Leaflet (Welsh) (PDF 6MB)

Consultation boards

Consultation Boards (English) (PDF 5.6MB)
Consultation Boards (Welsh) (PDF 5.6MB)

Public information event (9 March 2023)

Event invitation

Consultation invitation (English) (PDF 1.4MB)

Summary leaflet

Summary leaflet (English) (PDF 6.3MB)
Summary leaflet (Welsh) (PDF 6.3MB)

Information boards

Information boards (English) (PDF 27.6MB)
Information boards (Welsh) (PDF 33.8MB)

Business preview PowerPoint

Business preview PowerPoint (English) (PDF 5.3MB)

Fact sheets

Green hydrogen facility – location and layout (English) (PDF 3.7MB)
Green hydrogen facility – location and layout (Welsh) (PDF 3.6MB)

Hydrogen safety (English) (PDF 2.1MB)
Hydrogen safety (Welsh) (PDF 2.2MB)

Environmental considerations (English) (PDF 1.6MB)
Environmental considerations (Welsh) (PDF 1.6MB)

Transport (English) (PDF 2.6MB)
Transport (Welsh) (PDF 2.6MB)

Social benefits (English) (PDF 1.9MB)
Social benefits (Welsh) (PDF 1.9MB)