The Project

We are developing plans for a green hydrogen production and refuelling facility at Brynmenyn Industrial Estate, partially powered by a solar farm at Bryncethin.

The concept

Hydrogen can be produced and used in a number of different ways. A typical Green Hydrogen project would focus on the following core components:

  • Renewable energy electrical source (wind and/or solar)
  • Private wire energy supply
  • An electrolyser
  • Storage
  • Refuelling/loading.

It might also include supply to off-site heat and power end users via a pipeline.

The diagram below illustrates a typical high level concept:

High level concept

Aerial site location plan

Aerial site location plan

Brynmenyn site

Key project elements:

  • electrolyser modules (up to 6 MW HHV)
  • Up to 5 tonnes of hydrogen storage (above ground tanks)
  • Hydrogen compression
  • Hydrogen refuelling station
  • Substation

Transport: Such as for buses, trucks and tube trailers.
Industry: Including existing and new local businesses.

Proposed hydrogen production facility site layout (draft)

Bryncethin site

The plans include a solar photovoltaic electricity generating station (solar farm) at nearby Bryncethin (rated capacity of up to 5.5WMp).

The solar farm needs to be nearby to enable it to be connect directly by a private wire.

Power generated by the solar farm will meet approximately a quarter of the total annual electricity needs, with the remaining renewable energy being sourced from the grid, via other renewable sources.

Key project elements:

  • Ground-mounted solar panels
  • String inverters to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC)
  • Electrical substation
Photovoltaic panels and wild flowers

Proposed solar site layout (draft)

Proposed Solar Layout

PDF download: Proposed Solar Site Layout.pdf (Draft) (PDF 1.1MB)