Social benefits

Tackling climate change

To help tackle the climate emergency, green hydrogen will have an important role to play in helping reduce our carbon footprint. This includes uses as a low carbon fuel for transport, heating buildings as well as replacing natural gas within industrial processes.

Green hydrogen projects are now a feature of many cities across the world and the UK government intends for 10 gigawatts (GW) of green hydrogen to be in production by 2030.[1]

Reducing carbon emissions

It is anticipated that the hydrogen produced on site will be used to power local refuse collection vehicles and buses. Currently these diesel-powered vehicles are amongst the worst performing vehicles in terms of air pollution. As the only emission from hydrogen fuelled cell vehicles is water, replacing diesel vehicles with hydrogen-fuelled cell vehicles will improve air quality in the area. Other green options such as battery electric powered vehicles are less suited to heavy applications, particularly in hilly areas.

Local employment opportunities

Approximately 130 people will be employed in the construction of the facility, with supply chain opportunities for local businesses. In addition to this, there will be 4/5 permanent specialist jobs to maintain and operate the facility.

Catalyst for change

Whilst the production and storage of hydrogen has been carried out in the UK for nearly a century, the need to find alternatives to fossil fuels means that green hydrogen is a growth sector in the UK and a key part of the South Wales Industrial Cluster Strategy [2]. The HyBont green hydrogen production facility gives the opportunity for the Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) to be a part of this exciting future. Local businesses could potentially use the hydrogen produced on site for their own purposes. In addition, specialist businesses that require hydrogen could develop in the area as a result.

Fuel security

Producing fuel locally to be used for local services such as local buses will help reduce reliance on fossil fuels that are often imported. This will help protect the services it provides from potential future supply disruptions and increasing fossil fuel costs.

[1] Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Policy Paper, UK hydrogen Strategy (17/08/2021)

[2] South Wales Industrial Cluster

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