HyBont Bridgend green hydrogen project

It has been brought to our attention that there was an error in the Climate Change Statement submitted as part of the planning application for the HyBont Bridgend Green Hydrogen Project, in relation to a table outlining the Annual Hydrogen Production for the project where ROCKWOOL was identified as a potential user for the hydrogen.

Whilst developing the proposals, the HyBont project team has been in discussion with a range of potential end users. Early on, we identified ROCKWOOL as a potential local industrial user for the hydrogen produced but understand that this is not an option the company wish to pursue.

We anticipate working with a number of alternative end users who we will continue conversations with, along with others who we anticipate will come on board as the project progresses and the hydrogen industry continues to mature. Hydrogen has the potential to be used in numerous industrial processes and as we respond to the climate crisis and decarbonise industry, the need for green hydrogen produced using renewable energy will need to be met by projects such as HyBont.

We have clarified this point with the Council and updated the document. We do not consider this amend to be a material change to the planning application as how the annual hydrogen production from the facility could be used is illustrative at this stage. Final end users would not typically be confirmed until a facility has planning permission and a target date for production.

We will continue to provide further information around the use of the hydrogen as the project progresses and we are able to share any new or emerging hydrogen supply arrangements.

Green hydrogen research project

For clarification and in the interests of transparency, Marubeni Europower worked with ROCKWOOL Ltd on a research project into the use of hydrogen in stone wool insulation manufacturing, which was funded by the Government’s Industrial Hydrogen Accelerator Programme 2A.

This is a separate project that has now concluded and is not connected to the HyBont Green Hydrogen Project proposed in Bridgend. For more information on the Rockwool Feasibility project see: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/industrial-hydrogen-accelerator-programme-successful-projects/industrial-hydrogen-accelerator-programme-stream-2a-successful-projects–2.