Green hydrogen public transportation operating in Bridgend communities

Marubeni Europower and Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions have joined forces to deliver community transport services to areas of Bridgend.

A zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell car running on local green hydrogen has provided users of Bridgend Community Transport with essential services such as transportation to doctor appointments and hospital visits.

Additionally, a hydrogen fuel cell bus shuttled spectators between Bridgend train station and Royal Porthcawl golf club during the prestigious Senior Open golf tournament.

Marubeni Europower, a leading investor in renewable energy, is committed to contributing to the transition towards a low-carbon society by delivering a mix of renewables projects, including green hydrogen.

Tomoki Nishino, CEO of Marubeni Europower said:

“We believe hydrogen powered vehicles are essential to improving air quality and supporting Welsh decarbonisation targets; we’re delighted to be partnering with Hyppo and local stakeholders to help combat air pollution and climate change.”

Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions is a hydrogen services provider based in South Wales and is deploying assets and services into communities, such as hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

Chris Foxall, CEO of Hyppo said:

“Hydrogen fuelled passenger vehicles such as cars and buses offer a practical solution to decarbonising personal transport and immediately deliver benefits such as clean air, quick refuelling times and long-range capability. We are proud to be working with Marubeni running green hydrogen transport trials in Bridgend making it a leading region for sustainable energy solutions in Wales.”

Green hydrogen has a critical role to play in helping reduce our carbon footprint and tackle the climate crisis.  Uses include fuel for transport, heating homes and decarbonising industry.  Fleets of hydrogen vehicles are already operating in cities across the UK, with more investment planned for production of additional vehicles and refuelling stations.

Hyppo and Marubeni are planning to extend transport services based on the very positive feedback from residents and local stakeholders. Bridgend residents Martin and Marilyn Ashe-Jones have used the hydrogen car service several times to travel to Cardiff University’s physiotherapy department. As registered users of Bridgend Community Transport, they have been impressed by the hydrogen car and are looking forward to seeing more vehicles like this used across the county.

Martin Ashe-Jones said:

“It is a very comfortable ride, quiet and with clean air – essential for my breathing problems. The service was faultless, and the vehicles will benefit the environment whilst supporting the local community.”

Image caption: A zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell bus ©2023 Marubeni/Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions